“Transonic Inside” Dedicated Systems Custom Engineered for OEM

Transonic® began partnering with outside companies as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) at its outset. Strong customer collaboration has been integral to all of Transonic’s product lines.

Our OEM applications have ranged from utilizing standard products straight off the shelf to creating such novel designs that they wouldn’t be recognized as a Transonic product. Together with our collaborators Transonic has worked to push the limit on flow measurements including ultra-low flow applications and novel measurement mediums. Transonic customized Flowsensors and Flowboards have since been used in a wide range of products and applications including:

  • Heart Lung Machines
  • Hemodialysis Machines
  • Organ Preservation Devices
  • Artificial Organs
  • Infusion Systems
  • Ventricular Assist Devices
  • Monitors
  • Treatment Delivery Devices

CO-Engineering Program

Over the years, Transonic’s OEM endeavors turned into a comprehensive co-engineering program to streamline the collaborative process. We take pride in being able to work with our collaborators for the entire design process including initial research and testing, device life cycle testing, pre-clinical trials and incorporation into the finished product. In addition Transonic provides proof-of-concept testing, prototyping and design collaboration, and assistance with regulatory approval. Transonic is an ISO 13485:2003 Certified Manufacturing Facility.

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